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  • Why you’ll love the Sony Alpha α5000?

    We love to snap photos and share them – so much that even our country became the selfie capital of the world. More than a million photos were uploaded DAILY (from the Philippines ONLY) to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More

  • OPPO F1s: Pinoy #Foodstagram

    Unlike the coming summer season, there is definitely no season when it comes to food and delicacies – or eating. Given that there are so many foods you can eat on a single day, you might find yourself one time craving for something and on the same day, you’ll crave again for another. More

  • OPPO F1s: Summer Destination

    It is almost the part of the year where we became excited on what we are doing in the approaching summer season. Swimming, hiking, and other forms of summer activities to beat the heat are resurfacing again. More

  • OPPO F1S: Capturing Philippines

      We cannot deny the fact that Philippines has so many beautiful destinations, and in fact, I already went on some of those, including the ones that are mostly featured, and is being populated by tourists all the time. However, my curiosity leads me to a question: “How about places that are not featured most […] More

  • OPPO F1S: Holiday Getaway

    I’ve been into many beautiful places here in the Philippines. Mountains, beaches, islands and historical places but there’s somewhere that I feel my heart was attached and simply, my favorite. Hundred Islands on Alaminos, Pangasinan is definitely my favorite among them all. Despite of the fact that it is the hometown of my mother (we […] More

  • OPPO F1s – Selfie Filters

    Buy the OPPO F1s: CLICK HERE! Also, check out my post about why I want to have an OPPO F1s: HERE! I usually don’t take photos of myself or “selfies” unlike other people do. But when I take a few of them, I make sure that they are pretty good and Instagram-worthy. That’s why I am […] More